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Gostaresh Tejarat Taba is one of the largest and most prestigious Iranian companies in hardware field. It is an entirely private company and is run by professional managers. After its establishment, the company turned into one of the largest computer parts suppliers in Iran in a short time, it obtained great successes, because of its commitment for presenting the highest standards of marketing, sales, consultation and the strong support of customers. Gostaresh Tejarat Taba has no attachment to any group or organization in Iran. We have taken our utmost efforts in maintaining this independence and are confident in the results thereof. The outcome of this effort included gaining good standing, credit and fame as a reliable company among active Iranian and foreign companies in hardware market. The managers of Gostaresh Tejarat Taba have always reaffirmed maintaining highest standards of business moral and integrity; and have always fulfilled their entire obligations towards Company’s trades and business partners, customers and Iranian consumers of computer hardware; in the light of which, this company has turned into being known as one of the most reliable hardware parts suppliers of Iranian computer market. We are proud of establishing the first research center in Iranian computer hardware market for the purpose of providing the most suitable grounds in marketing, sale and after-sale-services for prestigious global brands as well as introducing and providing the recent global computer hardware technology to the dear Iranian consumers inside the country.